What's included in the price?

  • Official fees charged by IPOs are NOT included.

  • Registration evaluation and recommendations.

  • Guidance to resolve potential issues throughout the process.

  • Finding the appropriate words to decribe your business products.

  • Filing an application as your agent.

  • We will respond to non-complex issues such as a request to amend the goods and services.

We are open to negotiating lower fees per trademark if you are appplying for mutliple marks. Please send us an email at [email protected]).


Which option best describes your trademark?

  • Best value for money! Provides protection for both the visual elements and the name.
  • Effective protection for the visual elements of the brand (without any text) extending to all colour variations.
  • Broad level of protection for the name of the brand used in any form regardless of style, design, font or colour.

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What goods and services do you sell?

Description of what your business offers helps us carry out a more thorough assessment and similarity screening.


All fees included. View full breakdown of what's included in the price.

  • Australia$430.00?Includes 1 class, each additional class costs $210.00.
  • Bangladesh$790.00?Includes 1 class, each additional class costs $790.00.
  • Canada$595.00?Includes 1 class, each additional class costs $130.00.
  • European Union$1070.00?Includes 1 class, each additional class costs $200.00.
  • India$650.00?Includes 1 class, each additional class costs $310.00.
  • South Africa$490.00?Includes 1 class, each additional class costs $230.00.
  • United Kingdom$430.00?Includes 1 class, each additional class costs $110.00.
  • United States$430.00?Includes 1 class, each additional class costs $300.00.


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Don Simmonds


Doctor of laws and IP consultant focused in the areas of trademarks, trade secrets, and copyright and related regulations in the field of finance, blockchain technology, and eCommerce.

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